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We Are a Full Service Company

Full service is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but we truly provide a full service to our clients. Property Investor (PI) Finance is a financial services company that provides a number of financial services to its clients, including many not offered by other mortgage brokers. This is not just a mortgage broking service… we provide wealth creation strategies for existing and aspiring property investors, mentorship to first home buyers, commercial investors, or anyone who needs to finance his or her next big venture. We are a wealth building service and help our clients by:

  • providing streamlined and tailored home loan products to suit the needs of any qualified applicant via a wide range of vendors
  • sourcing a selection of properties from across Australia that offer prime property investment opportunities for our clients
  • serving as a mediator and negotiator for our clients to attain optimal results in property transactions
  • managing client portfolios and financial products to provide true wealth maintenance
  • mentoring and educating our clients in smart financial strategies for long term investment success


Still not sure if we can help you? Have a look at  a few testimonials from our real clients and see the many different ways that PI Finance can help you in your financial investment journey. You can hear from even more of our happy clients by visiting our testimonial page.

Billy Townsend

"PI Finance spent lot of time and effort in securing and settlement of the finances I needed to start my own business. Without Daniel and his helpful team, I would not have had the chance to be as successful as I am today. They're thorough and almost clinical in tailoring the right finance for your needs. And most importantly, they communicate every step they're taking to make sure you're aware of the direction they are taking. I will be seeking their advice again in the future."

Jade Krok

We will definitely refer [Dan] to our friends... the one to help us get into this house when no other broker could. I've been telling lots of friends and family that already. was so comforting to have [him] on our side and getting everything to happen. We are so happy in our new house :)

DeAnna Adams

PI Finance was able to ensure we would get a loan for our first home when our own bank said they wouldn't be able to. Daniel continues to provide us with ongoing support since we first bought our home and has already helped us through a renovation and finding us better repayments through another bank after we were more established. The amount of continual support we received added value we weren't getting from anywhere else!

The Team at a Glance

Daniel Rees

Founder & Managing Director

  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Mentoring & Coaching Professional
  • Team Manager
  • Passionate About Property Investment
  • Family Man


Chris Vakas

Senior Mortgage Broker

  • 14 years experience as a Mortgage Broker
  • Productivity Wizard
  • Residential Mortgage Lending Expert
  • Values Strong Customer Relations
  • Organic gardener & health consultant in his spare time


Brendon Carroll

Real Estate Investment Sales Manager

  • 7 Years of Property Sales Experience
  • Detail Oriented
  • Financial Dream Achiever
  • Enthusiastic Property Analyst
  • Ideas Man


Karen Corrie

Senior Mortgage Broker

  • Lending professional for 30 years +
  • Accredited Mortgage & Finance Broker since April 2006
  • Living & working locally in the Redlands Bayside area
  • Supporting my clients with ongoing service & comprehensive finance solutions
  • Word of mouth referrals & recommendations from my clients are my lifeblood


Rebecca Lowerson

Loan Writer & Processor

  • 10 Years Experience in the Finance Industry
  • Time Efficient
  • Residential Lending Aficionado
  • Customer Focused  
  • Fast-working, Friendly, and Funny as Heck